Why not get paid for talking and for your opinions. If you can think of it, we have probably researched it. Here a few examples:
Test driving new cars, restaurants, public transport, TV and radio programmes, alcohol, chocolate, food, supermarkets, utility companies, all aspects of financial services, retail outlets, mobile phones and pets.

Any one from any walk of life is invited to join our panel at J90 Research. We work closely with many recruitment agencies asking us to provide a range of people from all different backgrounds and ages. We will always make personal contact with you to invite you to take part in any of our projects. We want to make sure you’re happy and comfortable with the process.

FOCUS GROUPS An informal, relaxed gathering of normally 8-10 people, all of which have an opinion in a particular product or service.

CONSUMER TESTING We often ask respondents to test new products, from phone apps, cleaning products, drinks, food, TV’s, digital radios and vacuum cleaners, to mention just a few.

ONLINE PANEL RESEARCH This normally involves engaging in an online forum discussing a subject that you have shown an interest in. The beauty of this kind of research is that you can normally complete this at a time suitable to you.

‘What’s the catch’ most people ask. There really isn’t any. After the completion, your details are kept confidential to J90Research, so in short, no sales calls and no junk mail.

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